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*** More information on my inspiration,
painting techniques and materials ***

In the blink of an eye  |  Paintings: 27  |  Added on: 26.03.2007
"The eyes are the mirror of the soul", as a proverb says;
they are also one of the most fascinating motives

... and the huge project is slowly taking shape - 365 eyes for 365 days
Flora und Fauna
Flora and Fauna  |  Paintings: 18  |  Added on: 20.04.2006
Plants and animals - snapshots of nature -
drawn and painted with a love for color and detail
Mandalas  |  Paintings: 12  |  Added on: 31.01.2007
Mandalas originate in buddhism - but Meune
painted them with an Austrialian aboriginal technique
Stone Age  |  Paintings: 17  |  Added on: 24.03.2007
Caves, wet pebbles, mandala-style stone tunnels,
lonely and surreal within a rocky landscape
Visionary Art
Visionary Art  |  Paintings: 28  |  Added on: 27.03.2007

Dreamy landscapes, designs and motives -
symbolic and surrealistic - just like our dreams

Dream Paths  |  Paintings: 17  |  Added on: 27.05.2006

Inspired by Australia and the painting technique
of the Austrialian aborigines as well as their art
that goes back for thousands of years

Special Themes   |  Paintings: 13  |  Added on: 24.03.2007
Contributions to thematic exhibitions
and commissioned paintings
Mixed Art
Mixed Art  |  Paintings: 16  |  Added on: 24.03.2007
A colorful mix of paintings -
including early and/or unique work
and special offers
Prices on request